Bazubands Sakhnovka

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Steel Type *

Top quality, hand-smithed bracers.


- Included elbows protection as one set.


- Several types of steel available:
 * Ordinary Steel 1.5 mm thickness;

 * Stainless Steel 1.5 mm thickness;
 * Hardened Spring Steel 1 mm thickness;
 * Titanium 1.5 mm thickness. 


- Suits for SCA, HMB, ACL, IMCF and BotN.


- We're using only personified measurements for crafting since from our prospective armour is a second skin and should have a perfect personal fit.

Please include arm measurements and choice available options below when purchasing.

You will find size guide from attached pictures of left side. Write your measurements to the window 'Size Notes' below
or manager contact you to get additional info.


If you're not sure about the measurements, have any questions or preferences contact us by info@sharukhanmarket.com


Thank you for interest in workshop.

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Written by Samuel Desaulniers on 21st Nov 2016

I bought the mild steel bazubands. The fit is excellent, and the armour is solid. A little hefty (but that's mild steel for you). They can take solid shots from axes just fine, only mild dents. They absorb the force very well, barely felt any but the hardest shots.

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