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Weight: 9.00 KGS
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Top quality, handcrafted armour made in Ukraine and designed by Sharukhan Market to participate in reenactment, buhurt, competitions of HMB, SCA and LARP.

Cuirass can be done in tempered spring steel only!

Available payment by installments.

Free bonuses as care kit, tactical belt and waist bag.

Manufacturing time
about two month.

We're using only personified measurements for crafting since from our prospective armour is a second skin and should have a perfect personal fit.  
Manager will contact you to clarify preferences and body measurements.

If you have any questions and preferences contact us by info@sharukhanmarket.com
Thanks for interest in workshop, 

Sharukhan Market team.

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Written by Jan on 7th Nov 2019

The ordering process was very easy. They wanted a few measurements like armpit, length, hipscope. I was a little feared to do th measurements at my own - So i decided to do it with the help of a professional taylor. But it is possible to do it at your own -Dont worry about that! The service and the communication with Timur was really quick, after a few hours till max. one day you get an answer to your question, and even some more informations. This is really helpful for new guy´s to get all the information and knowledge you want to have about your new armour and armour generally. At last craftmanship take´s a while to be - In this case around 4 month´s. I´ve get in october, a few weeks later than promised. But- like a real gentleman - there was a few more things in my package. A fine leatherbelt and a really smooth leatherbag for it. I was really surprised and happy about it. Of course i´ve tested it - Not in a tournament, but in training in fullarmor with my mates. It fit´s really well, my movements dont take more time than without it. For a Fullplate it´s really lightweight. Just around 8 kilogram. The shape is well done, smooth curves but bodyshape focused. The Backplate is anatomical correct and doesn´t obstacle at the spine. Even with my modern spine protector for motorCross. The leatherstripes are a bit stiff, but with leathercare products not a problem. The Cuirass take a few hard blows, shield punches, one handed falchions an a poleaxe. A few scratches, that´s it. Polished, and they are gone. These type of armour is coming without any "decorations" or other useless stuff. You get a functional, shaped piece of steel. A damn good one. This one is made for combat. Not for Instagram´s shiny knight. You can impress with it on the list.

Excellent cuirass
Written by Enewald Lappeteläinen on 17th Jan 2018

My previous cuirass wass ill-fitting and thus I ended up ordering a cuirass from Sharukhan Market. I would have given five stars for this cuirass if I would have reviewed it only from the practical view. However, I do appreciate decorative details and shapes in armour, which this cuirass lacks. It's very pragmatic, 'to the battle' cuirass. And in the battle it rocks! Oh yes it does. First I was sceptical when making the order, as I was not certain of my capability to provide correct measures. However, I got all the help I needed and it resulted in me getting a perfect fitting torso armour. The mobility is as good as you can get from plate cuirass. The black finish I got, despite it was not possible to get it traditionally made, looks amazing. I really can't wait to get to wear it again in my next fights, where I can feel safe. Thank you!

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