Griffon Bascinet

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Titanium aventail

Top quality, handcrafted helmet designed by Sharukhan Market with best inner damage absorption solutions to participate in buhurt, any kind of tournament and mass battle of HMB, BotN, IMCF, ACL and SCA as well. 
Made in Ukraine

  • Several types of steel available;

  • It has an optional titanium aventail and gilding;
  • Battle ready helmet included: 
    • aventail;
    • chin and occipital straps;
    • internal padding;
    • hidden titanium plates of collarbone protection on padded collar;
    • care kit, fabric hood, helmet stand.

Manufacturing time about one - two month for regular or stainless steel, two - three month for hardened steel.

We're using only personified measurements for crafting since from our prospective armour is a second skin and should have a perfect personal fit.

Please include head measurements and choice available options below when purchasing. 

You will find size guide from attached pictures of left side under the main presentation. Write your measurements to the window 'Measurements Notes' below or manager will contact you to get additional info.

If you're not sure about the measurements, have any questions and preferences contact us by info@sharukhanmarket.com
Thanks for interest in workshop,

Sharukhan Market team.

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Best helmet of mine so far
Written by Sir Lappis on 17th Apr 2017

This truly is still the best helmet of mine (I have had four, or five). I'm not sure whether I got also lucky with the size, or is it skills of the smiths, but they got it right on the first time (not nearly always the case with helmets). What this helmet stands out especially with is the cushioning. Extremely comfortable and protects well from hit from various directions. Only sad thing was that it does not come black as the blackening would require hardening, and I want my helmet unhardened. The breathing is much more difficult in these kind of helmet obviously, compared to more open ones, but I prefer the safety over performance. Furthermore, the convenient locking mechanism allows quick opening of the visor between the combat rounds for me to recover as quickly as possible. Highly recommended.

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