Slav Guardian

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Top quality, handcrafted suit of armour made in Ukraine and designed by Sharukhan Market with best inner damage absorption solutions to participate in reenactment, buhurt, competitions of HMB, SCA and LARP.

Payment by installments.

Armour harness included:
* Helmet in regular or hardened steel of your coise (titanium helmet can be produced with extra cost);
Scaled Armor of your choice;
* Gauntlets;
* Bracers in set with elbows and biceps protection;
* Greaves in set with knees and foots protection;
* Bonus pack as care kit and armour stand, tactical belt and waist bag,
promo code of lifetime discount 5% for future purchasing via website.

It has an optional padded set and footwear, shield and weaponry;

Manufacturing time about six to twelve month.

Please carefully choose available options during purchasing.

We're using only personified measurements for crafting since from our prospective armour is a second skin and should have a perfect personal fit.

Manager will contact you to clarify requested options and preferences, as well all necessary body measurements.

In case of any questions don't hesitate contact us directly by info@sharukhanmarket.com
Thanks for interest in workshop,

Sharukhan Market team.

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