Mathias Søjborg Haha..i think its mine but okay but shit it looks grate.

Paul Smith these guys a reasonably priced

Batiste Hvati great job!!

Giovanni Foglia great price!!!

Lee Callaghan Thats a nice helm

Óðin Mælstrøm Sharukhan, you always post stuff I want around the time I get paid. Some how, you just know...

Batiste Hvati I see gauntlet of this kind at BOTN. I'dont like separated finger gauntlet for fighting, but I admit that those ones are very good and protectfull. Advice it

Gareth Griffiths so meany i like lol don't know what one i want

Milan Nedić Lordly Brigandine +52 body +16 leg protection

Mathias Søjborg i LOVE my new is SO beauteful!!

Mathias Søjborg i paid for all my stuff at Sharukhan market around 2685 dollers and that is for alot of ekstra here and ekstra there, and speciel stuff it is worth ALL the money!

Erik Kowalski Sharukhan, you spoil me

Mathias Søjborg That protection it gives to have the plates cover that SO nice.! i love the armor!

Juan Manuel de Occ excelent!

Roberto Fontana nice job

Rodrigo González Ayala Yeah!!! Fits perfect!!!

Mathias Søjborg I'll have to tell you about them, it's me who bought them and they are a little heavy, but only for the reason that they are SO protective the plates overlap so well that even if my arm was on the railing and was smashed on with a two handed axe it would not break or make much dammage! Super good quality, good delivery .. good cooperation .. only postivt on Sharukhan!

Daniel King I love seeing production pictures!
Erik Kowalski wow. Yeah, Daniel, this shows how much work they put into it.

Mike Fogg These are my Gauntlets, I got them from Sharukhan and I have to say they are AMAZING. They are solid, beautifully made and when I punch with them on they hit like a train!

Mathias Søjborg Wow it looks grate, cant whait for it to get here!

Mathias Søjborg looking fucking grate!!

Mathias Søjborg OH i am looking forward to my stuff as a little childe i can only recomend fighters too buy from Sharukhan, fast to answer, fast with a good price, and they can make what ever you whant
Daniel King Agree, the items I have received from them are amazing quality.
Mathias Søjborg good to know thx King.

Daniel King The belt helmet I have ever worn is from Sharukhan.

Gareth Griffiths I Better start saving up then

Игорь Парфентьев no, it's not for sale, it's for war!