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Kit of extra protection for buhurt sport and HMB competitions, as well HEMA and SCA heavy fight.

It made in hardened spring steel.

The kit includes:

1. The "molle" belt.
You can fasten any type of hidden protection and cuisses as well on the "molle" belt. The advantage of this design, over many similar ones, consists of a large number of attachment points at different levels, which allows you to fix the protection elements individually, in convenient points. The belt is made of 4 layer fabric of different density and softening, stitched with strong threads, which makes it reliable from rupture. The belt is always made individually according to the customer's size. The "molle" stripe is reliable and high quality military equipment.

2. Upper thighs protection
This protection intended to guard the gap between the body armor and the cuisses, or to strengthen this place under the brigandine. Has stiffening ribs to increase resistance. Floating segments mounted with leather and doesn't limit legs movements.

3. Culet
Used in the Middle Ages by noble warriors, mainly in tournament armor kits. It has an anatomical shape, reinforced with stiffening ribs. In fact, it has no alternatives among protection. Recommended for all buhurt fighters, even if your armor covers your "royal" part, because when the body is bent, it's open to strike. Culet solves this problem. Absolutely doesn't limit movements.

4. Codpiece
It has an anatomical shape. Can be used alone or additionally with plastic protection.

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