Pavise Shield Type 3

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Handcrafted shield made in Ukraine and designed by Sharukhan Market to participate in buhurt sport and competitions HMB, SCA, and LARP as well.

Three layers of plywood 3 mm each, covered by canvas and 4 mm leather on the edge.
Standard size 70x45x25 cm.

If you're looking to get custom drawing of any difficulty on the shield, have any preferences and questions contact us by 

Thanks for interest in workshop,
Sharukhan Market team.

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Reliable heavy hitter
Written by Sir Lappis on 17th Apr 2017

I got my very first bohurt shield from here couple years ago. My armor set being Milan, I wanted to have a pavise shield. At the time I did not know exactly what size to get, or what features to look after, but it all turned out good. My shield is a bit heavy for quick repeated hitting, but the sturdy build has it's advantages too. It has provided comfortable cover against even heaviest pole arm hits and provides that strong "oomph!" when punched with. What this shield has excelled with is the straps and other leather parts. I've had absolutely no issues with them and they are comfortable. No loosening, no breaking, nothing during the whole couple years. Got it painted to my liking. Highly recommended.

very nice - from DK
Written by stefan on 15th Nov 2016

Good quality

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