Platemail Mittens

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Top quality, handcrafted plate-and-mail gauntlets.
Made in Ukraine

  • Included hardened plates, integrated padded mittens and roundels for adding protection and comfortable wearing.

We're using only personified measurements for crafting since from our prospective armour is a second skin and should have a perfect personal fit.  
Please include hand measurements and choice available options below when purchasing.

You will find size guide from attached pictures under the main presentationWrite your measurements to the window 'Measurements Notes' below or manager will contact you to get additional info.
If you're not sure about the measurements, have any questions or preferences contact us by [email protected]
Thanks for interest in workshop,

Sharukhan Market team.

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Very sturdy mittens
Written by Patrik Enderle on 13th Mar 2021

This set of mittens is extremly well padded and sturdy, but still allows enough flexibility to get a good grip on weapons or shields.

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